Dent-X products offer superior value and performance

Carl Murzello

Canadians have a lot of choice when purchasing the essentials these days. When looking for the best value for your family make sure to compare the things that are important to you. Such as where a product is made and if the item has been approved/ tested.

Retailers such as Costco offer mostly imported product so they can dominate on price point, leaving Canadian consumers to loose sight of what really matters in the long term.

The Value Dent-X brings to Canadians with made in Canada Health Canada approved PPE is tremendous. Homegrown innovation and manufacturing jobs as well as high quality products.

Value watch...

Currently London Drugs sells a box of 5 only N95 masks by Vitacore for $19.95 ($3.99ea) When a box of 10 equivalent mask are only $27.50 ($2.75ea) and even less in bulk.