Outer Layer

RUCO-GUARD C6 is a treatment technology on fabric from German Rudolf Group which offering THE INVISIBLE FIBER PROTECTION SYSTEM.
  • water-repellent (PFOA-, PFOS-free)
  • oil- and soil-repellent
  • breathable
  • preserves colours and fabrics
  • makes textiles dry faster
  • makes fabric care a child's play
  • resistant to washing and dry cleaning
  • weatherproof

Middle Layer

Nano film (3S Mask)
High filtration nano membrane has become a substitution of traditional melt blown cloth acts as a barrier to minute dust and virus. Spider-web structure and multi-layer nano- microporous membrane leads to excellent filtration efficiency ≥95% and the protective effect is more stable and lasting.

Inside Layer

The polymeric nature, low-dosage profile & formulation of SILVADUR™ make it the choice for antimicrobial finishing treatments.Antimicrobial textiles can cut off the pathways of bacteria to prevent the propagation of germs on textiles, so as to effectively avoid the contact between pathogens and the human body, and reduce the risk of human pathogens and cross-infection rates. SILVADUR™ Advanced Microbial Control Winner of the R&D 100 Award and recognized as one of the top 100 most technologically significant products.