Theme Features & Styles


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Homepage section & product grid transition animations through the store. Products & content will slide up when scrolling down & slide down when scrolling up.

Announcements & Promotions

Include 2 promos in the main header, plus an option for a full width announcement bar either above or below the main header. Both include various color options.

Sell in multiple currencies

Selling in multiple currencies lets you accept payments in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments.

Live Searches

The search bar in the header, home page section & search page will instantly produce results based on your search

Brand Recognition

Include logos and links to your top vendors, brands, sponsors, or certifications.

Social Integration

In addition to standard share & follow links, MailChimp & AddThis options are available after purchase.

Anti SPAM Contact Form

The contact form features a Honeypot to prevent SPAM and any unwanted bots from prefilling your forms.


Product Filtering

The only Shopify theme to accommodate multi-tiered collection filtering. Advanced filtering relies on a series of related product tags to allow your users to find what they need quickly. Basic options are also available, and rely on navigation menus.

Slider Options

Product grids default to sliders on mobile, but each has an option to display products on the desktop as either a traditional grid or slider.

Complete Customization

Sections have options to control height & column width to provide each store the opportunity for a unique setup

Tabbed Collections & Products

Include more products & collections organized by tabs.


Sub Collections

Collection sub categories are now possible using navigation menus. In addition to relating collections at the top of each page, the menu will relate collections for sub menus, filtering & breadcrumbs.

Refresh Without Reloading

Filters, pagination & sorting all refresh themselves without you having to wait for the entire page to reload.

Advanced Filtering

Smart filtering helps ensure the customer will never filter down to zero products on the collection page. Multiple filters can be selected and leave only those available form the remaining products as available.

Advanced Breadcrumbs

The sub collection navigation menu also helps relate the breadcrumbs on the collection & product pages, helping your customers through their buying journey.

Multiple Layouts

Products can be listed in a traditional grid, rows, or even an available order form.

Smart Product Buttons

Depending on the products number of variants and availability, buttons will display either quick shop, add to cart or sold out options.

Rollover Images

Reveal the products second image when hovering


Product Icons

Icons can be added to highlight specials or required information. Custom icons can also be used in place of the existing icon set.

Available Header Image

Featured images can be added to your product admin and highlighted in the product header. These images will not appear as part of the thumbnail list.

Multiple Layouts

The product form can be displayed at the top of the page or in the more traditional location to the right of the image. Additional options include excluding product images, page & content tabs, and product availability messaging.

Product Availability

Instantly display the products availability right when you select your variants. Editor options allow you to set a threshold, which can display the amount of products remaining in your stock.

Advanced Variants Selection

Associated product images will always display when a variant is selected, but now you can select the variant by clicking on the thumbnail.

Unique & Shared Product Tabs

Tabs can be added for individual products or every product. Unique product tabs are formatted within a product description or common tabs featuring page content or formatted text are added in the theme editor.

Custom Product Recommendation

Default product relationships are based on the collection its contained in. Options are also available to manually tag products to be more precise in the product recommendations.