3S Nano Mask Galaxy River edition sizes xs-xl - washable cotton non-medical filtered face mask designed in Canada

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The 3S Nano Mask featuring the Galaxy River design has 3 layers with an internal filter and is a washable non-medical mask.

  • Passed Canadian testing.
  • Suitable for ordinary daily protective masks for civilian use, non-medical.
  • The outer layer is washable, anti-wrinkle, easy to maintain featuring Ruco-Guard C6 from Germany repels water, oil, and soiling.
  • The filter layer uses a high-strength ePTFE micro-porous film composite material, and uses its high-filtering and low-resistance physical structure to filter fine particles in the air, which has a more stable filtration efficiency.
  • The inner layer is made of soft non-woven fabric, which is skin-friendly and comfortable.100% cotton with antibacterial Silvadur by Dupont.
  • According to the professional test report, no formaldehyde was detected in the outer and inner layers of the mask, which is environmentally friendly.
  • Three-dimensional cutting, retaining a large cavity, fitting the facial curve, suitable for a variety of face shapes.
  • Soft and elastic adjustment buckle no tightness on the ears.
  • Individually sealed packaging which is clean and hygienic
  • According to the standard in GB 2626-2006 6.3, the required filtration efficiency is ≥95%.
  • Adjustable ear-loop, headband, and nose clip.

Inward Leakage Testing-Measuring Mask Effectiveness

Another way to measure a mask’s effectiveness is by the masks Inward leakage (IL) amount. According to a 3M technical bulletin released in February 2021, the IL is the amount of a specific aerosol that enters a respirator face-piece while the wearer breathes normally for three minutes in a test chamber. The test aerosol size is about 0.5 microns, the size of the coronavirus itself is about 0.12 microns across

Unlike the disposeable masks though, 3S masks are washable. Thanks to 3D cutting, the masks also come in multiple sizes and the edges can properly seal around the nose and mouth. The design fits both kids as young as two years old all the way up to seniors.

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