WorksafeBC (WCB) Basic First Aid Kit - Out and about Basic BC Kit

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This WorksafeBC (WCB) Basic First Aid Kit is packaged in our Out and About first aid bag 6.5x4.5x3 inch

WorkSafeBC (WCB) Basic First-Aid Kit Contents

Basic First Aid Kit

Note: A kit that meets the requirements for an Alberta Type P first aid kit is acceptable as a basic kit in B.C.

6 14 cm x 19 cm wound cleansing towelettes, individually packaged
10 Sterile adhesive dressings, assorted sizes, individually packaged
6 10 cm x 10 cm sterile gauze dressings, individually packaged
1 10 cm x 16.5 cm sterile pressure dressings with crepe ties
1 Cotton triangular bandage, minimum length of base 1.25 m
14 cm stainless steel bandage scissors or universal scissors
1 2.5 cm x 4.5 m adhesive tape
1 7.5 cm x 4.5 m crepe roller bandage
3 Pairs of medical gloves (preferably non-latex
3 Medical masks (also known as procedure or surgical masks)
Face shield (or safety eyewear)
1 Waterproof waste bag