Hartmann Mosquito forceps hartman hemostat, 3.5inch (9cm) floor or Physician grade. #11-30X-PR. Ships within 24hrs.

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Hartmann mosquito forceps 3.5 inch hartman hemostat, floor/physician quality available in either straight or curved. Japan surgical steel. In stock from from Vancouver, BC. Best price guaranteed.

  • Designed for clamping delicate blood vessels and fine tissue dissection.

  • Delicate pattern

  • 3.5" overall length

  • Available straight or curved and

    • Straight (11-101PR)

    • Curved (11-101PR)

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Hartmann Mosquito Forceps are used as both a hemostat and for fine tissue dissection in shallow wounds and procedures

Thanks to their fine tips, short, and fully serrated jaws, these Mosquito Forceps can be used as a clamping instrument to halt blood flow so that cauterization or ligation can be performed. They are also used for holding small, fine sutures. Hartmann Mosquito Forceps are shorter and heavier than Halstead Mosquito Forceps.

Econo Sterile instruments are ready-to-use, sterile, disposable, floor-grade instruments made in Pakistan. PR - procedure ready instrumentsare  Sterile instruments eliminate the need for cleaning and reprocessing. Because they are both sterile and disposable, PR Sterile instruments significantly reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination.

Mosquito forceps of the required quality are  commonly utilized in plastic and vascular surgeries, Hartmann Mosquito Forceps can also be used in pediatric and ophthalmologic procedures.

Personal First Aid Kit Contents - Not complete

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