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Sterilizing Utility Forceps Prestige PR3-101 Utility-Sterilizer Forceps, 8" (203mm) with  Curved, Serrated Jaws, and Ring Handles. Miltex 3-20.

Prestige Sterilization forcerps are a versatile utility instrument most commonly used for placing and removing intruments during the  sterilization process. The circular, paddle style working ends are serrated so they can grasp and handle instruments 

Made of high quality stainless steel. Prestige Utility instruments offer the same quality as Miltex, Sklar, Keir Surgical gauranteed.

Compare to: Miltex, Sklar, Nifty Medical, Almedic, AMG, 

Applications for Use:

  • Dental/ Oral Surgery Instruments
  • Podiatry Instruments
  • Animal Health / Veterinary Instruments