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Purell Advanced hand sanitizer 45ml

Purell Advanced hand sanitizer 45ml

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Moisturizing foam hand rub sanitizer, 45ml pump.

Our PURELL® Advanced Hand Rub family of instant hand sanitizers offers highly efficacious antimicrobial activity while maintaining optimal skin health.1,2 Milliliter for milliliter, nothing is better at killing germs and protecting skin.

PURELL Advanced Hand Rub:

  • Approved for commercial use*
  • Outperforms other leading hand sanitizers1
  • Achieves 3-log reduction on hands with repeated use at dispensed amounts2,3
  • Keeps hands wet for at least 15 seconds3
  • Kills E. coli, Staph aureus, and Staph epidermidis*
  • Proven to maintain skin health and improving overall skin feel4,5
  • Demonstrates improved efficacy with repeated use1, which is especially important in high use, clinical environments

Ensuring that healthcare workers were getting enough product for each hand hygiene opportunity was challenging in the past. This ultimate combination of a revolutionary product and our innovative LTX® and ADX® dispensing technology is not only taking the guesswork out of compliance, it’s changing the game completely