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PUMP/handle component replacement part for RESQVAC Emergency Hand Held Portable Suction.

About Resqvac Res-q-vac Portable Suction Units.

Every day, first responders, EMS operators and technicians, hospitals, nursing homes, home care, the military, and others need portable hand-held suction units for emergency situations. Whether on a crash cart, at the scene of an accident or during patient transport, using RES-Q-VAC® can save a life. 

The Res-Q-Vac hand operated suction unit is designed for all emergency suction applications.

The Available Seperately:

  • Disposable canister/catheter sets for biohazard handling
  • Compact size
  • Resqvac has a choice of canister/catheter (soft wide-bore, rigid Yankauer or 10 FR Child), sealing cap, label and instructions
  • Disposable bottles (with tubing) available for purchase separately