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WorkSafeBC (WCB) ETV Equipment

WorkSafeBC (WCB) ETV Equipment

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Product Description

An ETV should contain the following equipment:

1 Set of hard cervical collars covering all adult sizes (or 2 adjustable hard cervical collars), plus a head immobilizer
1 Lifting device with handholds, acceptable to WorkSafeBC, and securing straps to secure an injured worker
1 Stretcher to transport an injured worker. The stretcher must have retainer straps and a suitable mattress or padding
6 Blankets
2 Lower limb splints, minimum 1 m in length with suitable padding
2 Vomitus bags

Additional recommendations for an industrial ambulance
In addition to the general recommendations for an ETV, an industrial ambulance should also have the following:

  • Contain the same equipment as an ETV
  • Be used only for first aid treatment and transportation of injured workers, under the direction of the first aid attendant
  • Be capable of accommodating at least two workers on stretchers
  • Have adequate lighting in the patient compartment, allowing the first aid attendant to see and assess the injured or ill worker and complete documentation, without the use of a flashlight
  • Contain a roll cot properly secured and cushioned against excessive jarring